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Off-Grid On Hope

Hope Street is moving off the gridLet’s make Hope Street a more beautiful and pedestrian-friendly destination after dark!

Off-Grid on Hope: Hope Street is moving off the grid

Help the Hope Street Merchants Association install 100% solar-powered street lamps in our neighborhood. These lamps are locally designed and manufactured, and completely off the grid. Their warm, subtle glow will help make our street more beautiful and safer at night.

About Off-Grid On Hope:

  • Beautifully designed street lamps that are 100% solar-powered and off the grid
  • Built from sustainable, durable material
  • Created by local industrial designer Jonathan Harris
  • Lamps will illuminate sidewalks after dark with a soft, warm glow
  • Base of lamp will feature rotating artwork at eye level for children
  • Up to 30 lamps installed along Hope Street from the Rochambeau Library to Fifth Street
  • Will serve as a model for more energy-efficient and pedestrian friendly city neighborhoods

The Hope Street Merchants Association is organizing a community effort to fund this project. The goal is to fund a prototype by Spring 2016 and full installation by late Fall 2016.

Your generous contribution will help bring this bright idea to life.